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About Us MYZR, focusing on embedded field, has independent product research and development, independent innovation, independent intellectual property rights for all products. The company also provides complete embedded products and the total solutions to help customers quickly design, develop and produce high-quality and embedded products, including hardware and software, as to reduce the risk of product

Hot Products

    • R16 Development Board

      R16 Development Board

      MY-R16-MB166 introduction
      R16 SOM is an embedded core module which is designed and developed by our company based on Allwinner R16 application processor. The core board adopts the connection mode of stamp hole. MY-R16-EK166 is a low power, high performance and extensible application development board, which is competitive in flexibility, system performance and energy efficiency.

    • I.MX6ull Development Kits

      I.MX6ull Development Kits

      Model: MY-IMX6ULL-EK140(MINI)
      NXP I.MX6ULL is a high-performance, low-power, cost-effective processor family based on the ARM Cortex-A7 kernal, up to 800MHz. The i.MX 6ULL application processor includes an integrated power management module that eliminates the need for external PMUs, reduces the complexity of external power supplies, and simplifies power-up sequencing.