3G Wisdom Agriculture?

- Dec 01, 2018-

The 3G Smart Agriculture System extends the Internet from the desktop to the field, allowing the greenhouse to be online in real time, thus enabling the integration of vegetable greenhouses and the data world. The combination of real-time sensor data and traditional planting experience allows agricultural experts to remotely view various data (temperature, humidity, light, water) in the field to determine if it is the best condition for crop growth. The expert judges according to his own experience and the setting of key values of the system. When a certain data deviates from the set value, the greenhouse will automatically react (when the temperature is low, the heating system is turned on, and when the temperature is high, the door is opened and the water is opened. When it is insufficient, the sprinkler will be turned on automatically.) The system can simultaneously monitor and control the normal operation of hundreds of thousands of vegetable greenhouses, so that crops are always in the best growing environment. The system can greatly reduce the workload of manual inspections, and early warning of unsafe conditions, and easy unattended and remote monitoring through the background computer. In addition, early warning of vegetable pests and diseases and early prediction of vegetable yield and transaction price can be realized. Manage crops through more sophisticated and dynamic monitoring methods to better perceive the growing environment of crops and improve resource utilization and productivity through intelligent control. 3G smart agriculture is a modern agricultural production mode that gives full play to agricultural production efficiency, reduces agricultural resource waste and farmland pollution.