As the MCU shrinks, the scope of application of the Internet of Things expands

- Mar 13, 2018-

The wafer-level chip size packaging (WLCSP) technology, a new generation of sensors, and a combination of DSP capabilities will open the IoT Internet in MCU applications in the swollen world. The most frequently mentioned application space is wearable devices. Other design opportunities exist where remote sensing nodes are required, such as home automation systems, flow meters, and bar code scanners. Chip-scale packaging also makes implantation and even ingestion of medical monitoring equipment a long way off. In some applications it may be important for the signal analysis to stay close to the sensor. This application space is particularly fertile 32-bit, DSP equipped MCU. The integration of chip-scale MCUs and sensors, wireless communication chips, and energy modules will enable designers to develop smaller, independent systems with greater flexibility. It also allows them to choose smaller, more advanced sensors that still meet high performance applications