Cell phone storage is getting bigger and bigger, 256G is not enough?

- Mar 14, 2018-

In recent years, mobile phones have increasingly become an indispensable tool in our work and life. Mobile phone configuration performance is also rising. Processors range from single-core to dual-core, quad-core to eight-core, and ten-core, and operating memory has soared to 6GB. It is also expanding exponentially.

Mobile phone software has been continuously improving the performance of mobile processors. As a result, new features have been added. Among them, game software occupies the most space, and the quality of top-level game works continues to increase. Under the influence of texture quality, the required space for the hardware itself It will also improve. Last year, Apple increased the size limit of application software to 4GB, which means that even if the system does not occupy the space 64GB storage can only hold up to 16 largest applications, and users use the application, in addition to the size of the installation program, if used With image and data caching, the application size will increase rapidly. As a result, the mainstream mobile phone has attracted the attention of the minimum capacity of 32GB, 64GB has become a hot money, enough to see the consumer demand for large-capacity mobile phones.

In addition to software applications, photos also occupy a large mobile phone space. Take the current mainstream 12-megapixel camera as an example, the size of the photo is basically about 4MB. If you take 250 shots a day, you will occupy about 1GB of space. The current common 16GB storage will fill up a few days, let alone record 4K video. (about 300MB per minute).

Of course, users can put photos in the cloud, but most users will not do this, but will delete some photos. There are media content such as music, movies, and television that also consume a lot of storage space. When the capacity of the mobile phone is too small, the user may have concerns when using the device, and it needs careful consideration. If there is a large space of 256 GB, the user may not have this trouble. Want to install the application can be assured that the game, want to play the game can be bold to play, want to see the video can be easily downloaded.