Detailed SSD master chip performance, Marvell is the market leader in data storage solutions

- Jul 26, 2018-

As we all know, SSD is an electronic integrated board that combines the main control chip, flash granules and cache unit. Among the three major components, the highest procurement cost is undoubtedly the flash memory particles, while the best technical content and core technology is the master new product.

The SSD master is essentially a processor, mainly based on the ARM architecture, which has a similar aspect to the mobile processor. Some SSD vendors also use the RISC architecture to provide CPU-level computing power.

The different architectures, the number of cores/transistors, and the frequency are related to the performance of the master. It can be said that the quality of a master chip directly determines the actual experience and service life of the solid state drive. So what are the main brands in the market?

At present, the main brands in the mainstream market are Samsung, Huirong, Qunlian and Marvell.

Samsung Master:

Samsung Electronics, as one of the few semiconductor companies in the world that has a complete ecological chain of semiconductor design, processing, manufacturing, production and sales, has a place in the field of SSDs, and is creatively developed based on Samsung's own A series of master chips for firmware.

Samsung's main control mainly corresponds to Samsung's own products, and the products still have quite eye-catching performance in terms of caching technology and signal processing.

Hui Rong master:

The main advantage of Huirong Technology on the SSD main control chip is that it can provide a complete set of SSD solutions from the main control chip to the firmware solution, to the board design, the pairing of flash granules, etc., and can also be based on the individuality of the purchaser. Customized services for demand.

The one-stop service provided by Huirong can greatly solve their practical problems for some enterprises in the SSD industry, and can quickly increase production capacity and cut into the market.

Recently, Huirong Technology released a new solid state drive controller solution. Includes the ultra-fast SM2262 for both client and enterprise, the SM2263 for mainstream applications, and the SM2263XT DRAMless controller for BGA packages.

Group Connection Master:

The group master control, from the design of the USB flash drive master control, to the main control of the solid state drive, the main control chip produced by the group connection is known for its cost performance, especially in the early stage of the development of the solid state drive, the group control is relying on the superior cost performance. Occupy most of the brand market.

Marvell Master:

Marvell is a technology-focused fabless semiconductor R&D company. Marvell has made significant achievements in chip design, mass storage solutions, mobile and wireless technologies, networking, and consumer products.

Specific to the storage space, Marvell is the market leader in data storage solutions for the consumer, mobile, desktop and enterprise markets.