IBM, AMD, and Intel compete

- Mar 14, 2018-

Intel’s leading position in computer chips has been difficult to shake for years, but competitors have continued to challenge Intel’s server business. IBM and AMD have recently launched new products and are planning to compete with Intel.

Mark Papermaster, AMD’s senior vice president and chief technology officer, said: “In the past our products have lagged behind competitors, and new products have proved to the outside world that AMD is returning to the ranks of high-performance processors.”

The mobile phone chip technology licensing and other operators of the United Kingdom (ARM), also announced at Hot Chips conference for the use of technology for supercomputers and other scientific applications. According to the company's disclosure, 13 companies currently use Intel's servers and data center chip technology and are expected to compete with Intel's products.

According to IDC data from market research institutes, of the 9.81 million servers shipped in 2016, x86 chips accounted for 9.6 million of them, and the proportion was as high as 98%. According to a survey conducted by Mercury Research, in the second quarter Intel accounted for 99.7% of x86 server chip shipments, while the market for AMD accounted for only 0.3%.

Intel server chip prices and profits are much higher than other products, the company also tried to consolidate the server map and upgrade the technology lineup through mergers and acquisitions transactions, such as spending 16.7 billion US dollars to buy chip makers Altera, the same month Early purchase of artificial intelligence chip and software emerging company Nervana Systems.