Intel Develops Embedded Embedded Chips for Future MR Helmets

- Mar 14, 2018-

Intel believes that the wireless helmet will become a new form of PC in the future, and it may develop special chips for helmets. Project Alloy is a helmet similar to Microsoft's HoloLens that mixes the real world with the virtual world. PC makers can copy Project Alloy helmets, and Intel finds a market opportunity to provide chips for MR (Mixed Reality) helmets.

Mixed reality will form new types of VR/AR products, and there may be custom chips on the PC platform, which can enhance the user experience.

The Project Alloy helmet is equipped with Skylake laptop chips. So far, Intel has not introduced helmet-specific chips. Intel recently introduced a 7-generation Core PC chip, code-named Kaby Lake, but no chips in this product line are dedicated to one-piece helmets.

In the past, Intel provided reference designs for notebooks, ultrabooks, smart phones, and 2-in-1 devices, but Project Alloy's design was open source. In the past, Intel set strict specifications for the ultrabooks and mobile phones. For example, the thickness of the products and the screen size were required. PC manufacturers must comply with these specifications.