Intel Releases Xeon E-2100 Series Six-Core CPU for Entry-Level Workstations

- Jul 13, 2018-

Intel has just released the Xeon E-2100 series of six-core CPUs for entry-level workstations. Like the latest desktop-class processors, the number of cores has increased from 4 cores/eight threads to 6 cores/12 threads. Thermal design power (TDP) ranges from 71W to 95W, with MF/Tigabit frequencies up to 3.8 / 4.7GHz.

Unfortunately, the Intel 10nm process is not going well, and the Xeon E-21xx is still based on the 14nm Coffee Lake architecture. On the interface side, the new processor still uses the LGA 1151 and supports up to 40 PCI Express 3.0 channels.

In addition, it supports many new standards, such as USB 3.1 Gen 2, Thunder 3 and so on. On the GPU side, most of them integrate Intel UHD Graphics P630 core display, but models without G are best equipped with AMD Pro or Nvidia Quadro dedicated graphics cards.

The above is the detailed specifications of the new X-21 E-21xx products, of which E-2134 / 2136 / 2124 are models without nuclear display, but all products will be available for sale today.

Finally, while celebrating the company's 50th anniversary, the 40th anniversary of the x86 architecture, Intel also mentioned the 20th anniversary of the Xeon processor first introduced in 1998.