Server data center chip based on ARM architecture

- Sep 19, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, Intel's former president Renee James's startup Ampere Computing said on Tuesday that the company launched its first data center chip, using the ARM architecture.

The company said that these new chips, which are priced between $550 and $850, have been selected by Lenovo and several other manufacturing servers.

Intel dominates the server chip market and controls more than 90% of the market. However, AMD will increase its market share in the coming year. Behind this is because Intel's latest generation of chip manufacturing technology has jumped, and related server chips are unlikely to be available by 2020.

However, Ampere Computing has taken a different path than Intel and AMD. Both Intel and AMD use the x86 architecture, while Ampree Computing uses the ARM architecture, which requires less power and lower manufacturing costs.

But ARM technology can't match Intel's computing power. Ampere Computing and competitors such as Qualcomm and Cavium are working to change the status quo to attract data center customers from Intel. Alphabet, a major technology company such as Google Inc. and Facebook, is the world's largest buyer of Intel server chips.

James has worked at Intel for 28 years and has worked closely with these customers. Ampere Computing said its chips (16-core and 32-core, the fastest 3.3G version) are designed to compete with mid-range traditional server chips. But James said that the company pays special attention to ensuring that the chip runs the customer's software well.

Unlike Intel, Ampere Computing does not produce its own chips, and its production is done by chip foundry TSMC, which is similar to Apple and Qualcomm. But this means that the next generation of chips that Ampere Computing is scheduled to launch in 2019 will be produced using TSMC's 7-nanometer manufacturing technology.