14 HomeKit Devices Are Certified For Listing! Who Is The Technical Promoter Behind The Green Rice?

- Aug 24, 2018-

Recently, NXP's important partner, Lumi Lianchuang (LUMI, hereinafter referred to as Green Rice) announced the launch of 14 Aqara series of smart home devices supporting Apple HomeKit, which greatly enriched the company's product line and HomeKit's ecosystem.

The GreenM smart home products certified by HomeKit include: green rice Aqara gateway, smart wireless switch, smart wall switch, door and window sensor, human body sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, static and dynamic stickers, water immersion sensor, curtain motor, etc., total 14 models These products have been officially launched in mainland China on August 16.

Since these devices are all certified by Apple HomeKit, this means that users can configure and control them through the “Home” app that comes with Apple iOS to realize intelligent management of home appliances. At the same time, users can implement voice control of these smart home devices through Apple's Siri voice assistant based on devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch, and bring a new human-computer interaction experience to users.

As we all know, HomeKit is Apple's smart home platform. Based on such a platform, users can effectively "manage" smart home products from different vendors through the unified App, which can realize the control of a single device. - such as achieving home lighting control, mastering the temperature and humidity of the living environment, timely detecting leaks in concealed environments, alarms and notifications during trespassing, etc. - and also setting up multiple scenarios through the App to coordinate multiple components with one command action. Users can also use the "Family" app to set up the iPad as a home hub, remotely control HomeKit accessories, and give access to trusted people.

Therefore, for the end user, HomeKit facilitates the rapid realization of home intelligence; for smart home equipment manufacturers, after the product becomes a member of HomeKit, it can also quickly occupy the power of Apple's powerful ecosystem. The market has increased sales.

However, due to Apple's unique strategy and certification specifications, it is not a simple matter for smart home equipment manufacturers to pass HomeKit certification, which requires careful technical preparation and a long certification process. It is for this reason that the number of devices supporting HomeKit on the market is not large and the price is relatively high.

The HomeKit device launched by Green Rice is somewhat "exceptional": not only has launched a full range of 14 smart home products in one breath, but the price is also relatively close to the people. For HomeKit "powder", this is indeed a Surprise. At the same time, everyone will be very curious, how does Greenmi's HomeKit device do so "how fast and save"?

In fact, the answer is simple: in addition to the company's internal technology accumulation, a very important trick is to "choose mature Homekit solutions and the right core chips." The handy chips and mature solutions will help the final product without pressure. Meet HomeKit's stringent certification requirements, get to market quickly, and do more with less. In the GreenMother HomeKit device, NXP's Homekit SDK and core chip solutions have played such a "push" role.

Green Rice's HomeKit device suite includes an Aqara gateway and numerous peripheral sub-devices that are connected to each other via the zigbee protocol, which ensures that some automated control operations can be performed without a network, than smart hardware based on Wi-Fi networking. It is more energy efficient, and the signal is good, it is not easy to cut off.

Among these Homekit devices, NXP offers the proven Homekit SDK, which contributes to four main types of chips, including the i.MX application processor, the zigbee wireless SOC, the NFC control chip, and the Class D audio amplifier, which makes the Aqara Homekit device Sufficient performance and scalability to be a core player in network management and secure connectivity. Among the peripheral sub-devices, NXP's zigbee wireless SOC is responsible for the wireless communication connection.

It can be said that with the mature Homekit SDK and the "blessing" of these key chip solutions, developers of green rice and other smart home products can greatly improve the development efficiency and put more energy on user demand mining. Accurately break the "pain point" of the user. Such a technical promoter, do you want it?