2018 NXP Future Technology Summit

- Aug 24, 2018-

NXP Semiconductors, the world's largest automotive electronics and artificial intelligence IoT chip company, will hold the "2018 NXP Future Technology Summit" in Shenzhen from September 5th to 6th (NXP connects China 2018).

The NXP Future Technology Summit is NXP's world's largest high-end technology forum and industry summit, held in the US and China. The conference aims to promote industry innovation and cooperation through high-end theme forums, rich technical seminars, and the latest technologies and solutions. It is a grand gathering of industry people to exchange ideas, inspire and understand the future development of the industry.

The theme will focus on the cutting-edge technologies and applications in the fields of artificial intelligence Internet of Things and secure connected vehicles. It is expected that there will be business leaders, technical experts, partners, etc. from NXP ecosystem. More than a thousand guests gathered together.

As a frontier of technological innovation and industrial transformation, China has emerged a group of enterprises that stand for the forefront of innovation, showing greater international influence and demonstration. At the Summit Summit Forum held on September 5th, NXP will invite key guests from domestic leading companies to deeply analyze industry trends and showcase the latest application cases; share close-knit cooperation with China to empower smart life. Strategic planning, together with the vision of technology, has an infinite future.

At the two-day summit, NXP will also arrange more than one hundred hours of state-of-the-art technology seminars and more than 100 on-site technical and application demonstrations for participating industry professionals, and will be covered by experienced experts from home and abroad. Cutting-edge technology trends in intelligence, IoT, edge computing, and secure connected cars provide a platform for R&D personnel to learn and learn.

Technology innovation to create a smart life, let us look forward to!