- Aug 01, 2019-

Artificial Intelligence in the service of companies

Monitoring systems are an essential aspect of the IT infrastructure management because they enable clients to control the functioning, the productivity and optimize processes, but especially they are a crucial tool to prevent blocking issues and react in real-time with corrective and efficient actions where a negative event take place. With the evolution of technology, monitoring systems became increasingly complex and advanced, until they come to the monitoring based on Artificial Intelligence. How it differs from the traditional monitoring activities and what are the benefits of that solution? Let’ see them now! In the following line, we will describe Dynatrace, the world-leading company in the performance management field.

1. “All-in-one” software
Dynatrace has a great benefit compared to traditional solutions: it includes all the monitoring features in a single software. Real User Monitoring (RUM), Synthetic Monitoring, infrastructure, and application monitoring are all integrated into the same tool, simplifying a lot the firms’ life. As well as simple monitoring, Dyatrace is used for the effective management of performances and digital experiences, aiming to provide customers with the highest level of user experiences.

The heart of the platform is made by automation; every single step is automated, including upgrades. Thanks to that, Dynatrace is able to identify any emerging issue and anticipate its impact on the system. All of this will finally result in easier and faster processes and in a great saving of time and costs for the IT department.
3. Artificial Intelligence

4. Full-stack
Dynatrace analyses each component of the system, by offering a 360-degree view of the digital experience. The platform is not just monitoring, it is also able to identify and understand the relationships and interdependences, top to the bottom, which exists in the digital ecosystem.