Acquisition Of Nervana, How Can Intel Miss This Sequel To The Artificial Intelligence Arms Race?

- Mar 14, 2018-

Beijing morning time on August 10 morning news, Intel announced on Tuesday that it will acquire start-up company Nervana Systems. Intel will acquire the company's software, cloud computing services and hardware to better adapt its products to the development of artificial intelligence.

According to Gartner analyst Martin Reynolds, Intel Xeon processors are currently leading the data center market, but they are not suitable for the unique computing tasks of artificial intelligence. Utilizing Nervana's products and expertise, Intel will have the ability to take a place in this fast-growing market and meet the challenges of rivals such as Nvidia.

The data center business is Intel's most profitable and fastest growing business. However, this business needs to explore products that adapt to new technologies such as voice and image recognition. In the future, artificial intelligence is expected to occupy a large part of computing tasks on servers equipped with Intel processors.

Diane Bryant, Intel’s executive vice president of data center operations, said: “We believe that integrating the engineers who develop Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi processors with the Nervana team will drive the industry to grow faster. It will continue to invest in leading technologies to complement and strengthen Intel's artificial intelligence product line."