Artificial Intelligence Is The Ultimate Retail Solution

- Jan 08, 2019-

The core value of an unmanned supermarket is not just “no one”, but an upgrade of technology and consumption brought about by artificial intelligence and big data. The new retail format under the guidance of artificial intelligence technology represented by unmanned stores is transforming the traditional retail industry. The era of unmanned convenience stores that rely on perception, learning, goal tracking, analysis, and awareness recognition has quietly arrived.

The essence of business is always around the needs of customers, providing the right goods and services. Machine learning can make artificial intelligence more and more intelligent. The more personal information and data provided by consumers, the more specific and personalized the artificial intelligence feedback service is, and AI retail is coming.


The unmanned supermarket is the initial performance of the development of smart retail. The later intelligent retail analyzes the user's portrait through deep learning, replacing the more human-managed functions in the traditional retail industry with high efficiency, low cost and high precision. Transform into insights, and use this to determine marketing and products, as a robot, to help businesses and consumers achieve a win-win situation.

Therefore, for today's big data, unmanned supermarkets are an inevitable trend of social development.