BeiDou Navigation Is Expected To Form A Global Service Capability By 2020

- Mar 14, 2018-

Zhang Chunling, Chief Engineer of the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office, stated at the “2016 China Beidou and Wulian Industrial Technology Seminar” held in Nanjing on the 23rd that the Beidou satellite navigation system independently developed by China has initially had the foundation for global expansion. The system will form a service capacity for countries along the “Belt and Road” in 2018, and will create a global service capability by 2020.

"Where is the ability to display?" has become the biggest challenge facing the Beidou system. "Integration is the future development trend of the Beidou system. Integration with the Internet of Things will enable the system to be widely used in the civilian field." Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Chang Ye Tianchun told reporters that whether it is the tracking and positioning of production and transportation in modern manufacturing enterprises, or the transmission of information in the aspect of healthy pensions, or real-time monitoring of satellite positioning of fixed buildings in disaster warning, will become Beidou system application. The vast market.

 According to reports, a new generation of domestic Beidou chip modules and other core basic products are gradually being put on the market, which can meet the needs of smart phones, tablet computers, wearable devices and other applications, changing the situation that China's high-precision satellite navigation core products are completely dependent on imports.