Composition Of Vending Machines

- Jan 08, 2019-

Body: It is the overall framework of the unmanned vending machine. It is the value of the unmanned vending machine. Whether an unmanned vending machine is well-made and can be reflected in the details of the fuselage.

Shelf: It is the carrier for selling goods. The products used for the sale of beverages, snacks, etc. are placed on the shelf of the spring unmanned vending machine.

Spring: The main role is to promote the track of goods shipment. The spring can be changed in the unmanned vending machine according to the size of the product. The spring is too narrow, which is easy to cause the card cargo. If it is too wide, it will cause the goods to fall out.

Motor: An electromagnetic device that converts or transmits electrical energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Its main function is to generate drive torque as a power source for electrical appliances or various machines. Usually refers to equipment that converts electrical energy into kinetic energy.

Main control board: the heart of the spring vending machine. It is the main part responsible for the command and control of the various parts of the spring vending machine.

Communication template: There will be a communication template in each spring vending machine. This template is mainly responsible for the communication receiving of online payment. The IoT card inside the main control board looks like a mobile phone phone card. With it, the machine can be connected to the Internet to complete the payment---confirmation action.

Switching Power Supply: The source of life for spring unmanned vending machines. Convert the mains 22OV power supply to the required power for each core component of the machine.