Create A New Era Of Digital Advertising

- Dec 27, 2018-

Digital advertising has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and the traditional outdoor advertising model has gradually been eliminated. Digital signage, which integrates audio, video and image information, has become an important tool for merchants to convey marketing concepts and create brand effects. In this process, its design, information output and user interaction have become more flexible. In the process of communication, it also brings more pleasure to customers.


There are two main forms of digital advertisements currently on the market: one is a large-scale digital signage, and the other is a propaganda tool for indoor occasions such as shopping malls in the form of advertising machines. The digital marketing needs stimulated by different scenarios have similar appeals for the hardware products that act on them.

Decoding artifact - embedded motherboard solution

Considering the scene requirements of hardware systems in the field of digital advertising, the embedded motherboard product solution uses a processor with excellent performance on the processor, which is ultra-low power consumption and can be continuously stabilized for multimedia application scenarios, and is compatible with current streaming media. The most advanced requirements and future trends in HD video and graphical user interfaces.

In terms of decoding and encoding, the integrated optimal decoder is used to play video through a software decoder, providing an efficient solution for graphics, high processing performance and high-speed interfaces.

In terms of integration, it has a rich external interface, display port, integrated sound card, and can be extended through the expansion card interface, which is compact and saves product space.