Face Recognition Application Prospect

- Sep 23, 2019-

Biometrics has been widely used in government, military, banking, social welfare, e-commerce, security and defense. For example, a customer walks into a bank and makes a withdrawal without bank card or recall password. As he makes a withdrawal from the ATM, a camera scans the user's eyes and quickly and accurately identifies the customer and completes the transaction. This is a real shot of what happened in a business department of united bank of Texas. The department USES the "iris recognition system" of modern biometrics. In addition, after the "9.11" incident in the United States, anti-terrorist activities have become the consensus of the governments of all countries, strengthening the security of the airport is very important. Visag's face-recognition technology, which can spot a face in a crowded crowd and determine whether it is wanted, is working at two airports in the United States.

The case such as burglaries, robberies, wounding that appears frequently on current society happens ceaselessly, in view of this kind of reason, burglaries door begins to walk into thousands of families, bring peace to the family; However, with the development of the society, the progress of technology, the acceleration of the pace of life, improve the level of consumption, the expectations of the people for household is becoming more and more high, also more and more urgent to convenient requirement, based on the traditional pure mechanical design of guard against theft, in addition to strong and durable, it is difficult to quickly meet the needs of the emerging: convenient, the door records, and other functions. Face recognition technology has been widely recognized, but its application threshold is still high: high technical threshold (long development cycle), high economic threshold (high price).

Face recognition products have been widely used in the fields of finance, justice, military, public security, border inspection, government, aerospace, power, factory, education, medical treatment and many enterprises and public institutions. With the further maturity of technology and the improvement of social recognition, face recognition technology will be applied in more fields.

1. Enterprise, residential security and management. Such as face recognition access control attendance system, face recognition security doors.

2. E-passport and id card. The ministry of public security is stepping up planning and implementation of China's e-passport program.

3. Public security, judicial and criminal investigation. Such as using facial recognition systems and networks to hunt down fugitives across the country.

4. Self-service.

5. Information security. Such as computer login, e-government and e-commerce. Transactions in e-commerce are all done online, and many of the approval processes in e-government have also moved online. At the moment, transactions or approvals are done with passwords, which cannot be secured if stolen. However, the use of biometrics can achieve the unification of digital identity and real identity of the parties on the Internet, thus greatly increasing the reliability of e-commerce and e-government system.