Face Recognition Technology Recognition Process

- Sep 17, 2019-

Generally, there are three steps:

(1) first create a face profile. In other words, the camera collects facial image files of unit personnel or takes their photos to form facial image files, and generates Faceprint coding to store these facial image files.

(2) get a decent image of the current person. In other words, the camera captures the current face image of the person entering or leaving, or takes the photo input, and generates the face texture coding of the current face image file.

(3) compare the current texture code with the archival inventory. Compare the texture coding of the current image with the texture coding in the archive. The above approach works according to the essential features and beginnings of a face. This facial pattern code resifies changes in light, skin tone, facial hair, hairstyle, glasses, expression and posture, and is so reliable that it can accurately identify a person from a million people. Face recognition process can be completed automatically, continuously and in real time by using common image processing equipment.