Global Chip Suppliers Launch Their Own 5G Platform And Chip Solutions

- Jun 29, 2018-

Global chip suppliers have launched their own 5G platform and chip solutions, and plans to mass production in 2019, North American and South Korean telecommunications industry intends to start 5G related applications in advance by the end of 2018, related products, applications and market opportunities in the 5G era is expected to be in 2019 Year after year, the industry believes that emerging cloud service providers may be the key driver to promote the rapid adoption of 5G smart phones, because cloud service providers do not care about whether mobile phones can make money, they pay more attention to the establishment and integrity of their own ecosystem.

Every generation of communication technology is alternating, especially in the early days of the launch of 5G smart phones. Whether the various mobile phone brand factories on the table can be fame and fortune in the 5G era is not a small challenge.

In recent years, including international technology giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, as well as domestic Alibaba, Tencent, and even LeTV, these cloud service, network, and software value-added vendors have continuously demonstrated their terminal hardware products. With a certain degree of interest, 5G smart phones, which are expected to connect with cloud services, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and voice interfaces, are certainly eager to try.

Compared with Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo mobile phone brands, emerging cloud services and Internet companies do not seem to have a foothold in the global mobile phone market, but consider 5G smart phones can indeed run through many emerging Business opportunities and applications, after all, consumers are most often using smart phones every day, and they are certainly business opportunities that cloud service providers cannot ignore.

Since 5G smart phones must have the latest Modem and SoC chips built in, the unit price may be more than 3 times that of current 4G mobile phones. With the complex antenna designs used at the initial cross-region, and more PA chips, 5G mobile phones are only semiconductor components. The increase in cost will be at least 1 times higher, and other components, components and production costs will not be as high as the cost of the initial 5G smartphone may be as high as more than 700 US dollars.

Even if mobile phone brands want to promote 5G smart phones, they are actually powerless. Even Qualcomm and MediaTek admit that the time for the rapid growth of 5G smart phones should fall within 2020-2022. It's a fire show.

However, compared to the profit model of mobile phone manufacturers, cloud service and Internet companies actually profit from the source, but it is a higher application of adhesiveness, with the current popular smart voice device, Apple HomePod is priced at $ 349 to ensure Based on profit, as for Amazon, it can only sell 99 yuan, or even direct sales of 49 dollars, and think of ways to sell North American and European markets, and then expand into Japan and Germany; Alibaba launches the Lynx Wizard X1 with a broken price of 499 yuan. Number of sales of 100,000 immediate spikes.

5G communication technology will horizontally link 4C products such as consumer electronics, computers, network communications, and vehicle electronics, and will vertically penetrate into value-added market opportunities such as cloud services, artificial intelligence, and terminal applications. The importance of 5G technology, cloud services and the Internet The interest of the industry is even greater. If global business opportunities for the 5G mobile phone market are to erupt in advance, global cloud services and Internet companies that do not care about hardware profits may be the key driver.