How Can Self-service Kiosks Be Used For Airport Parking?

- Sep 02, 2019-

Aviation is one industry in the UK that is greatly benefitting from the advancement in self-service technology. The airport can be a very congested and stressful environment with long queues and waiting times. New technology is allowing more airports to replace flight check-in, baggage check-in and airport car parking processes with automated machines – drastically improving the experience of air travel as a whole.

One example of how smart self-service kiosks are being employed in the airport industry is the airport-parking kiosk. Park IT is a multi-faceted car parking solutions provider that uses software in combination with self-service kiosks to vastly improve the airport parking experience.

In car parks that use Park IT software, state-of-the-art touch screen kiosks allow drivers to check in and out through a fully automated system. The kiosks are specifically built for purpose and are digitally linked up to custom designed lockers where travellers can leave or collect keys at the start or end of their trip. The kiosks and lockers have been designed to allow access from both sides, helping to improve the flow of traffic and significantly reduce waiting times.

Park IT’s innovative system is transforming the airport parking experience for both customers and car park operators across the UK. It’s a clear example of how development companies have taken hold of a rapid progression in self-service technology and used it to the advantage their customers.