How To Make Wisdom Empowerment Step By Step

- Dec 29, 2018-

The infinite potential of “intelligent” genes in the field of high-speed rail is determined by its pivotal role in infrastructure. Driven by the rapid development of high-speed rail, the speed of logistics and people flow between cities has entered a new stage, inspiring the infinite possibilities of the construction scene of the emerging collective economy. Therefore, the high-speed rail field has both such needs and unlimited capabilities to build countless intelligent scenes.


As the passenger traffic carried by the high-speed rail system is getting more and more, passengers spend more and more time in the high-speed rail station authentication and access security check modules, which has an impact on the operational efficiency of the station. At present, face recognition is fast and accurate, and the non-contact operation process has become the new darling of the market. These advantages can be fully utilized in the field of identification industrial computer hardware such as gates.

As a supplier who is constantly exploring and developing in the field of transportation hardware, the face recognition embedded computer hardware product design process gives the embedded computer hardware product solution more powerful data processing and operation capability by giving technology to the product. The product solution has excellent compatibility and flexibility, and can flexibly provide a way to exchange information with the outside world according to actual application scenarios, and give full play to the advantages of "industrial level performance".