Huawei Released The Car Networking Platform OceanConnect

- Jul 26, 2018-

Huawei released OceanConnect, a car networking platform in Germany, dedicated to enabling the intelligent network of vehicles, the service transformation of vehicles and the intelligent evolution of transportation.

It is understood that OceanConnect car networking platform is the key ICT infrastructure to enable the digital transformation of car companies. It is the "digital engine" of intelligent network car, which will provide four enabling functions for car enterprise transformation: connection enable, data enable, Eco-energy and evolution enable.

Connection enable: Provide safe and reliable connection for cars, support billion-level massive connections and millions of high-level concurrency; meet the global operation requirements of vehicle enterprises through the global public cloud deployment capability. Data enablement: Digital Twins of people and vehicles are realized on the cloud through the collection and analysis of vehicle big data such as vehicle conditions and driving behaviors. Intelligent content distribution and intelligent content distribution are enabled through accurate vehicle owner driving behavior and travel scene analysis. Business recommendation. Eco-energy: Through the separation of data and business structure, it helps car companies to control digital assets, gather third-party content and application ecology, and build a car-centric ecosystem. Evolution enablement: OceanConnect car networking platform and V2X develop synergistically, from bicycle intelligence to car and road collaboration intelligence, enabling future intelligent transportation and improving the overall safety and efficiency of social transportation.