Intelligent Express Cabinet Solution

- Aug 06, 2019-

Background and Challenges

The fast growth of eCommerce has made shopping online more convenient and popular, and that also leads to the rapid rise of the express industry. So express companies were looking for a more advanced, intelligent and convenient delivery system, which helps them to improve their service and make recipients receive their goods faster, easier and more secure.

System Requirements

The express cabinet enables the courier to store the goods in the cabinet, then an SMS will be automatically sent to the recipient to pick up the goods, besides, the recipient can also deliver the goods through this cabinet. Cabinet will be connected and communicate with the data center through BIVOCOM TR321 or TR341 Series Router through 4G/3G cellular network. And the server will process, integrate and share all the data, to ensure real-time and high efficient delivery.
1. Data sharing, fast delivery
2. Labor cost and time-saving
3. Reduce operation cost, improve quality of service
4. Easy for recipient to pick up and deliver goods