Intelligent Home Application And Technology Introduction

- Oct 10, 2019-

The smart home is one of the most widely used areas in the development of the Internet of things. Various traditional home appliance manufacturers, large and small Internet companies, major technology giants, and tens of thousands of entrepreneurial companies have flocked to this industry. Today I will take you to look at the current smart home has developed to what extent, what are the expected functions. At present, the main application of intelligent home has home security, intelligent lighting, intelligent home appliances these several categories.

Home security products:

Mainly including intelligent door lock, intelligent monitoring, intelligent burglar alarm three kinds of products.

Smart door locks are mainly unlocked by password, Bluetooth, fingerprint, mobile phone app, credit card, and remote network.

Infrared induction alarm is based on the infrared emission of the human body to detect intrusion, thus triggering the alarm host alarm. The infrared alarm has the diffuse reflection infrared image above and infrared grating alarm.

Webcams can see your home from afar.