Intelligent Monitoring System

- Dec 31, 2018-

In the security field of high-speed rail stations, image and video information are important sources of information for security systems, and the construction of a complete monitoring system is very important. With the application of face recognition and intelligent analysis in the components of video surveillance systems, it plays an increasingly important role in the construction of high-speed rail security systems.

In the field of smart cameras, based on the intelligent HiSilicon chipset vision platform, 4K network cameras with high-quality ultra-high-definition video encoding and decoding capabilities, rich interfaces and strong scalability are used to reference the concept of edge computing to ensure the demand for product data processing; The video image data is clear, supporting 12 million pixel SONY lens, stable operation in large-scale scenes, function is not harmful, guarantee product quality; using high-quality decoder, digital video processing is efficient and stable.