Japan Launched The Collaborative Robot NEXTAGE

- Jul 31, 2018-

The human-machine synergy replaces the traditional artificial production mode, and it has become the norm, including the cosmetics giant Shiseido, which has a total of 40 billion yen to build a new Japanese factory based on human-machine cooperation. Among them, the loved cooperative robot NEXTAGE, launched in July, is a 3D printed custom arm.

Japanese technology company THK Inteches teamed up with KAWADA Robotics to launch the concept of the new generation of dual-arm collaborative robot "NEXTAGE" in 2009. The robot is equipped with a camera on the head and palm, and it is possible to work while checking the position of the parts and tools, so it is safe to work with humans.

Since its launch, NEXTAGE has been in the power equipment, electronic components, automotive parts assembly inspection, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and even its own company THK Inteches has imported more than 500 units. For example, in order to prepare for the new plant, Shiseido first introduced NEXTAGE at the Shizuoka Plant and was responsible for the packaging of cosmetics and brochures.

NEXTAGE, with its many hands-on experience, will also launch a new model on July 2, 2018. In addition to the functionality of the manned machine, the new features include enhanced speed, one-handed handling weight from 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg (max. 3 kg).

THK Inteches said that in the past, it was designed to work with humans in safety, so the set transferable amount was low, and improvements were made to meet the needs of many customers.

In addition, the new NEXTAGE adds a lot of freedom, such as the choice of a hand camera, and the ability to customize the required arm for 3D printing, allowing a wider range of applications for collaborative robots.