Man-made Technologies Can Improve Human Capabilities

- Mar 14, 2018-

The latest technology developed by scientists can improve human capabilities, but the latest public survey in the United States shows that most people are afraid of these advanced technologies.

A recent survey in the United States showed that most people do not want to strengthen their brains and blood, and women are generally more cautious than men in the enhancement of the human body brought about by advanced technologies. It is reported that the survey was conducted by researchers on more than 4,700 U.S. adults.

The survey asked adult testers about genetic editing, brain chip implants, and artificial blood input. The study's author, Cary Funk of the American Pew Research Center, pointed out that biomedical technology is currently developing rapidly. This has led to social disputes over how we use these technologies properly. The study shows that the United States is very cautious about using emerging technologies that will greatly enhance human capabilities.

Gene editing technology can help infants reduce the risk of serious illness. At the same time, the brain chip can improve the ability to focus and information processing, and artificial blood will make people faster, stronger, and improve human endurance.

But the majority of adults tested said that the drawbacks of brain chips and artificial blood are greater than their social benefits. Professor Michael Bess said: "A lot of people may use augmentation techniques to improve their physical capabilities and IQ levels. They may be able to become 'superhuman'. I am excited about these technologies that enhance human capabilities. fear."

Most testers expressed that these enhanced human technologies will further form differences between rich and poor groups. For example: 73% of the testers believe that if someone's brain implants chips to become extraordinary, it is mainly because they have strong financial support to use brain chips.