MYZR I.MX8M SOM Is Comming, Leading The New Era Of Intelligence

- Jul 12, 2018-

The I.MX8 family of application processors is NXP's flagship product for the high-end application market. Since its launch, this series of chips has both processing technology and edge computing capabilities to effectively manage and shorten the response of smart connected devices. The time of the command and inquiry.

i.MX8M Series - Industry leading audio, voice and video processing


It is suitable for smart home and smart mobile applications such as OTT set-top boxes, smart TVs, TV subscription services, digital media adapters, surround sound, speakers, AV receivers, voice control, voice assistants, digital signage, and universal human-machine interface (HMI) )solution.

No matter where it is used, i.MX8M will lead the trend of home Internet of Things and device control. In addition, this series of processors is also very suitable for managing lighting, thermostats, door locks, home security, smart sprinklers and other systems and devices, allowing you to enjoy an intuitive, responsive and smart home experience.


The NXP i.MX 8M Series delivers outstanding performance in vocals, video and audio, and works with key ecosystem leaders such as Amazon and Google to deliver seamless, seamless connectivity and intuitive experience that meets the world's computing needs and senses Demand.

i.MX8M core board is the core board of Mingyuan Zhirui based on i.MX8M series processor design and development.


Master control platform detailed parameters

· Heterogeneous multi-core, quad-core CortexTM-A53, single Cortex-M4, up to 1.5GHz;

· OpenGL/E 3.1OpenGL 3.0VulkanOpenCL 1.1

· Dual independent display,MIPI-DSIHDMI 2.0a

· Support VP9/H265/H264/MPEG2/MPEG4p2/VC1/VP8/RV9/AVS/AVS+/H263/DIVX and MJPEG-8x8 video decoding, 4K, up to 60Hz;

· 6xI2S/SAI (20+ channels, 32 bits @384KHz per channel), SPDIF Tx/Rx, DSD512;

· Dual camera support, mipi-csi (every 4 channels);

· Support LPDDR4, DDR4, DDR3L, Quad SPI with XIP;

· Dual USB 3.0 C with PHY; 

· Provide double PCIe of L1 substate with quick wake function from low power consumption mode.

· 10. Gigabit Ethernet controller with AVB and EEE support;

· Support MLC NAND Flash, EMMC 5.0;