MYZR Invited To Participate In NXP I.MX IDH Technical Conference

- Mar 14, 2018-

MYZR was invited to attend the NXP I.MX IDH Technical Conference which took place from 29-Jun-2017 to 30-Jun-2017. At the seminar, we listened attentively to the speech and demonstrated the products and technologies developed by the company.

The two-day NXP i.MX IDH Technology Conference (closed-door conference) made a lot of sense for us to share with you here.

1, i.MX6UL is commendable in terms of security. Customers interested in security deserve further study. According to SE of NXP:. Developers in this area have a thorough study of one or two months can basically apply this aspect to the product. However, this information is non-open, customers in need can apply to NXP through us for the corresponding information.

2, i.MX6 is very characteristic in display, under Linux can support up to 4 ways asynchronous display (2ways 1080p + 2ways 720p), Android can support 3 ways asynchronous display. Similarly, this information can be applied to NXP through us.

3, IMX7 has been released, based on the asynchronous architecture A7 + M4 IMX series is another new bright spot, real-time single-chip computer system plus operating system will be the next application point, Customers with this requirement can contact us.

4, i.MX series will support Brillo in the future, you can think of Brillo is a Google IoT operating system, the bottom is the same with Android Linux, can be said that there is no display of the Android, there is no Java virtual machine. However, this depends on Google's cloud services, so there is no clear time in China.

MYZR can be invited to participate in this conference, fully demonstrated that our technical strength has been affirmed by NXP. In the future, on the development of I.MX series products, we will give full play to our advantages and provide our customers with more complete and comprehensive product and technical support.