NXP Connects 2018 Was Held To Create A New Ecological Ecosystem Of Artificial Intelligence

- Sep 14, 2018-

On September 4th, NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI), the world's largest automotive electronics and artificial intelligence IoT chip company, will hold the "2018 NXP Future Technology Summit" in Shenzhen on September 5-6 (2018 NXP Connects China) This is a top industry event hosted by NXP focusing on artificial intelligence Internet of Things and secure connected cars. It is expected that more than a thousand AI-IoT and business leaders, technical experts and NXP partner representatives from the automotive electronics field will be present. NXP will announce a number of major cooperation and initiatives at the summit. Heavyweights from companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, Geely Automobile, JD.com and Xiaomi will also appear in keynote speeches and forums to discuss industry development with NXP. New trends and visions.


The summit also provided more than 100 hours of technical seminars and more than 100 demonstrations covering embedded artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, edge computing, and secure connected cars, with the aim of providing participants with an open platform for sharing and sharing. The "Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence Application Development Series" jointly written by NXP and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Talent Exchange Center was also unveiled at the summit. This series of books provides an effective tool for a new generation of integrated circuit technology talents to cope with new trends in the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. .


"As the world's leading manufacturer of artificial intelligence and IoT semiconductors, NXP is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology to the entire ecosystem," said Steve Owen, executive vice president of global sales and marketing at NXP Semiconductors. AI-IoT, a huge opportunity in the field of connected cars, we look forward to joining hands with more Chinese companies to build more innovation benchmarks based on NXP's industry-leading technology and innovation platform to promote Chinese companies to the international arena and guide business and technology. Transform and create an exciting future."

Zheng Li, senior vice president of global marketing for NXP Semiconductors and president of Greater China, said: "In recent years, NXP has continuously expanded and deepened commercial cooperation and joint technology research and development with leading companies in various industries in China. Today, the conference showed some advanced cases. We are looking forward to continuously expanding and deepening such cooperation, helping our partners to build stronger technical reserves and innovation drivers, boosting industrial upgrading and development, and achieving a win-win situation in the era of artificial intelligence."

NXP will also release a range of innovative solutions and technologies:


* Acquired OmniPHY, a supplier of automotive Ethernet subsystem technology, which will bring high-speed Ethernet technology to NXP's extensive automotive portfolio, enabling NXP to take the lead in automotive data transmission solutions. OmniPHY is a pioneer in high-speed automotive Ethernet IP with 15 IP families including 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 standards.


* Expanded NXP's radar ecosystem by introducing a new generation of automotive radar solutions that combine S32R processors, RF transceivers and antenna designs on a new reference platform. The solution provides car-level radar software and an easy-to-use hardware development platform for cumbersome radar development, effectively reducing the development cycle for applications such as adaptive cruise (ACC) and emergency brake (AEB).


* Introduced a new automotive power control reference platform for electric vehicle traction motor inverter controllers and battery management. These new platforms will combine NXP's extensive global portfolio of leading automotive microcontrollers (MCUs) and power management system base chips (SBC). And application-specific advanced analog power and energy management devices are integrated into an easy-to-use reference design to help customers deliver next-generation hybrid and electric vehicles faster and at lower development risk.

MYZR focuses on embedded product development, this time as a sponsor to attend the summit, on-site exhibition of all products of the NXP series, and live demonstration i.MX8M Demo board.