NXP I.MX8M Series Application Processor

- Aug 14, 2018-

i.MX 8M application processor powers single chip for leading edge media performance

In the next two years, 50% of all types of search will be implemented by voice commands. TV products are becoming increasingly thin, strip speakers are becoming more popular, and home automation is getting better. At the same time, consumers are actively welcoming the Internet of Things (IoT), hoping to enjoy a more convenient and richer product experience. NXP Semiconductors is proud to introduce the i.MX 8M series of application processors to meet the needs of voice, video and audio, combining all three to achieve a full sensory experience. This family of processors integrates powerful media capabilities on a single chip and will provide a solid foundation for a new sensory world transformation.

The NXP i.MX 8M series handles vocal, video and audio performance and works with key ecosystem leaders such as Amazon and Google to deliver a seamless, fluid connection and intuitive experience that meets the world's computing needs and Sensory needs.

Martyn Humphries, vice president of i.MX Consumer and Industrial Applications Processors, said: "In the future, human interaction with the machine will be as natural as human senses. For example, you can play a specific TV episode with a voice command, if you The actor is interested, directly asking questions about the problem, searching on the screen, and displaying the results, the whole process will not affect the playback of the TV series."

 NXP's i.MX 8M series processors combine A/V and machine learning to meet the designer's requirements for a unified platform, making it easy for them to create voice command-controlled interconnects. This series of chips combines processing technology and edge computing capabilities to efficiently manage and reduce the time it takes for smart connected devices to respond to commands and queries. Enshipu i.MX 8M can be used for smart TVs, TV subscription services, smart speakers such as sound bars and even streaming media players and DVR/PVR. No matter where it is used, i.MX 8M will lead the trend of home Internet of Things and device control. In addition, this series of processors is also very suitable for managing lighting, thermostats, door locks, home security, smart sprinklers and other systems and devices, allowing you to enjoy an intuitive, responsive and smart home experience.

The NXP i.MX 8M Series is designed to drive the next generation of high-performance, easy-to-flow consumer interfaces with the following features:

Industry-leading video and audio capabilities, full 4K Ultra HD resolution, high dynamic range image (HDR) and high levels of professional audio fidelity

Superior performance for multiple functional needs, up to four 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 cores, flexible memory options and high-speed interfaces

Advanced human machine interface (HMI) with dual display and visual processing unit (VPU) for a richer user experience

· Expandable, compatible with a variety of pins and power supplies

The display includes:

The i.MX 8M processor simultaneously drives voice, video and audio and features 4K HDR, dual monitor and immersive audio capabilities.

· Android Things demo: 1. The drawing robot (drawingbot) uses the robot's own processing ability to draw sketch portraits in real time according to the visitor's self-portrait photos; 2.Things-driven Manny robot uses TensorFlow and computer vision technology to imitate gestures and play games.

An Alexa solution that combines advanced features such as display support, multi-room audio and integrated calling.