Turning vending habits into positive ones:

- Sep 09, 2019-

Using healthy snacks. The main problem with vending machines in schools has been the unhealthy eating associated with them.  However, this can easily be changed by simply conducting a meeting with school officials to decide what will and what will not appear in the machines for sale to students.  Things like granola bars, trail mixes and juices can be sold instead of pop and chips only.

Keep the machine in a visible, supervised location. An unsafe habit in schools is when kids kick machines or try to tilt them when a snack gets stuck or they lose their coins in the reader.  To avoid this, simply place the machine in a place where it can be viewed easily by school staff, and where kids will be more responsible with their behaviour around the machines.  For example, placing the machine near the school office or staff room could eliminate this problem.

Using a power surge bar and a Canadian Standards Association approved vending machine. Electricity can be a danger to students, especially if they toy with the wires.  In addition to keeping the machine in a location where it can be easily supervised by adults, be sure to go with a company that installs using a power surge bar and a machine approved by the Canadian Standards Association.