Robots Are The Main Application Aspects Of Artificial Intelligence Landing

- Sep 17, 2018-

Many people may have seen the robotic dog video of Boston Dynamics. The robot dog will open the door, run, and carry weight through the bushes. This kind of awkward robot dog is artificially intelligent, and in general, few people can stumble the robot dog. Boston Dynamics has also developed a biped robot that can be backflip. This robot can land smoothly after a backflip, and its maneuverability is comparable to that of a gymnast.

In July 2017, the State Council issued the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan”, which focuses on the vision and planning of AI+ traditional industries. The state will promote the integration of artificial intelligence and various industries, and strive to seize the global commanding heights of artificial intelligence in 2030.

Therefore, artificial intelligence has risen to the national will in the context of global competition. The development of robots is inseparable from artificial intelligence, and robots are also one of the application applications of artificial intelligence. Whether it is an industrial robot or a home robot, you can complete the upgrade of artificial intelligence.

Foot robot and service robot

In China, there are not many companies with such high-tech foot robots as Boston Dynamics. Because both the "four feet" and the "two feet" foot robots need to use a large number of steering gears to simulate joints, the cost of these joints is relatively high, and the technical barriers are also very large, and on this basis Reconfiguring the artificial intelligence means such as machine vision will make the technical difficulty even greater. Therefore, in China, the general company developed a foot robot that is basically only used for dancing performances, and there are few other practical uses. Only Boston Dynamics, a large company with a military background, has the strength to study this foot robot. Chinese companies are not really keen on developing foot robots.

On the contrary, in China, the service robot industry is relatively hot. Service robots such as sweeping robots, ramen robots, and telemarketing robots are constantly emerging. Compared to biped robots, these service robots are less difficult to develop and cost less. The current demand for robots in the market mainly stays on the intelligence, and the requirements for the performance of the robot are not very high.

At present, in the era of weak artificial intelligence, technologies such as visual recognition and speech recognition have made strong development, and the service robot industry has entered a critical period in which these artificial intelligence technologies have landed.

Traditional robot company transformed into artificial intelligence company

Cobos Robotics is a traditional robot manufacturing company. It was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Suzhou. After 20 years of development, Cobos has become a world-renowned service robot brand. For example, Cobos has launched a “window” robot that helps the owner scrub the windows. Cobos also introduced a sweeping robot that can be automatically charged and has some intelligence.

With the advent of the artificial intelligence era, Cobos robots also actively embraced artificial intelligence and carried out technological transformation and upgrading.

In May 2018, Cobos Robots, together with Jingdong Group and Desheng Technology, became the cooperation unit of the newly established Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Nanjing University, and was awarded the first batch of student training bases of Nanjing University Artificial Intelligence College. Under the leadership of Dean Zhou Zhihua, the College of Artificial Intelligence of Nanjing University is thriving. Cobos robots also hope to use the intellectual resources of Nanjing University to realize the rapid layout in the field of artificial intelligence talents.

On July 10, 2018, two months later, Cobos Robots also established its own Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Nanjing. Qian Cheng, vice chairman of Cobos Robots, believes that more intelligent robots rely on the vigorous development and landing of artificial intelligence technology.

What artificial intelligence robot companies are there in China?

In addition to traditional robotics companies such as Cobos Robots actively embracing artificial intelligence, some emerging artificial intelligence robotics companies are becoming unicorns in the industry. For example, the excellent choice is a typical example.

On February 8th, 2016, on the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Guangzhou branch, 540 excellent Alpha1 robots were in unison and danced. Overnight, the people knew the manufacturer of this intelligent robot. Also in 2016, UBS introduced former IEEE President Dr. Howard, Professor of the European Academy of Sciences Professor Tao Dacheng, and Professor Zhao Mingguo from Tsinghua University to join the company, and launched a comprehensive layout in the field of artificial intelligence such as machine vision, speech semantics and motion control. .

The current excellent robots already have two business lines, To B and To C. The To B line of business includes the intelligent cloud platform commercial service robot Cruzr and the intelligent inspection robot ATRIS. On To C, Ubunt has three major products: the consumer-grade humanoid robot Alpha series, the STEM educational intelligent programming robot Jimu Robot, and the IP robot.

Recently, Ubuntia also announced the launch of the artificial intelligence robot Goku, a life-oriented robot launched by Ubisoft and Tencent. It adopts a newly designed servo steering gear with clutch device. The eye LED display can display various expressions such as crying, happy, loving, etc., and it adds a lot of anthropomorphic interaction methods in the interaction ability, such as ignoring It will sneeze and yawn when it looks, it looks very cute. Wukong robot supports voice interaction, face recognition, object recognition, smart photography and fighting dance, and has strong human-computer interaction ability.

At present, there are many artificial intelligence robots that are good at telephone sales. These robots mainly use the interface and technology of Keda Xunfei. The manual telephone sales operator can only play 100 down to 300 calls per day, and when the person is blamed by the customer, it is sometimes easy to be emotionally unstable and work efficiency is reduced. However, the telemarketing of artificial intelligence robots can be done 24 hours a day, with 800-1200 calls every day, and the mood is stable and always 100% enthusiastic. Therefore, artificial intelligence robots can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs, which can reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises.


After artificial intelligence has the ability to "see" and "listen", it can be used in the field of robotics.

Robots are the main application aspect of artificial intelligence landing. Among them, both home robots and industrial robots need artificial intelligence to inject soul into them.