Rockchip Launches Four AI Artificial Intelligence Sweeping Robots Chip-level Solutions

- May 28, 2018-

Recently, Rockchip released four chip-level solutions for the industry's "AI artificial sweeping robots": RK3399, RV1108, RK3326, and RK3308, and supports functions ranging from artificial intelligence to VSLAM and laser navigation. Enter entry-level robotic sweeping products and achieve rapid mass production, breaking the bottleneck of traditional industries, and helping the definition and upgrade of the fourth-generation AI artificial intelligence sweeping robot positioning navigation standards.

In recent years, the cleaning robot industry has developed rapidly. After three generations of random, planning and navigation development, it is impossible to solve more pain points such as manual intervention, interactive methods, intelligent planning, and hardware energy consumption. Rockchip releases four models based on it. The Linux-based system-wide chip-level solution can help the industry upgrade and effectively solve product problems.

Among them, the flagship RK3399 chip uses AI + VSLAM positioning navigation technology, RV1108 and RK3326 support VSLAM image visual positioning navigation technology, RK3308 can achieve mainstream laser navigation technology.

Rockchip launches the AI + VSLAM positioning and navigation technology based on RK3399 chip, which enables the scanning robot navigation technology to enter the fourth generation directly, truly realizes the industry artificial intelligence, has image recognition, big data, deep learning, intelligent algorithm and artificial intelligence artificial intelligence and Clean the robot perfectly.

RK3399, which is based on fourth-generation navigation technology, is based on visual recognition technology and artificial intelligence algorithm on CPU / GPU chip, which breaks through the limitations of the original VSLAM technology under light conditions and can not only be applied to weak light, weak texture, and strong light. Other lights are complicated. Indoor scenes can also intelligently identify 100 indoor image objects, classify records, visually measure distances and avoid obstacles, and plan for optimal cleaning paths. In terms of human-machine dialogue and voice interaction, it supports multi-particle arrays, far-field voice control, scanning and mopping through voice control, and supports binocular vision algorithms.

RV1108, RK3326 Features: Visual Positioning Navigation Technology for VSLAM Images

RK3308 Features: Laser SLAM Positioning and Navigation Technology

The RV1108 and RK3326 chip-scale integrated solutions announced this time all have VSLAM image visual positioning navigation technology. Although these two major navigation technologies have matured, Rockchip's new solutions have more advantages in hardware performance to meet different needs. For customer R&D requirements, two chip schemes differentiate the implementation of the VSLAM algorithm:

RV1108 can support VSLAM algorithm on DSP, built-in 8M ISP, can support 3D camera at the same time, use VSLAM positioning and navigation technology for customers, can adapt to more complicated usage scenarios; support MIPI CSI interface, choose a wider range of camera sensor modules.

The RK3326 can support the technical implementation of the CPU/GPU-side VSLAM algorithm. The RK3326's GPU uses G31, which supports Full Profile OpenCL2.0. The VSLAM algorithm can be quickly implemented on the GPU, and the CPU + GPU can work together for better performance.

RK3308 can realize the laser navigation technology of the mainstream sweeping robot. 64-bit Cortex A35 architecture with 40nm Cortex A7 architecture. Credit Suisse's solution uses a 28-nanometer manufacturing process to provide a new type of processor with higher performance and lower power consumption, which effectively solves the problem. The problem of chip heating is especially important for sweepers with built-in batteries.

[Five technical advantages of the summer micro-fourth generation robot]

In terms of technology, Rockchip Micro Four Solutions has the following advantages over traditional sweeping robot solutions:

1, support AI in-depth learning;

2, superior system performance;

3, with intelligent voice interactive system, support for voice control;

4, targeted system optimization, <2 seconds fast boot;

5, custom design flexible hardware solutions, higher cost performance;

[Innovative design hardware elastic design]

Ruixin has a large number of algorithm partners and ODM/OEM customers in scanning robot ecology, covering laser, VSLAM, AI, etc., and can achieve rapid mass production. In response to the different product innovation needs of industry customers, Rockchip also provides hardware-elastic design for four types of cleaning robot solutions. On peripheral devices, RK3399, RV1108, RK3326, RK3308 can provide a broader support list for key components such as DDR / WIFI / BT / Camera / Nand Flash / EMMC. For partners, this will greatly increase market competitiveness


In the fast-growing industry background, Rockchip's first-released solutions rely on the accumulation of artificial intelligence, image vision, and chip technology and are extremely disruptive compared to traditional products. The combination of new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence will enable the white-market market to gain more opportunities for breakthroughs in limited changes.

Home appliances with embedded smart technologies not only become a market trend, but for the current intelligent transformation and upgrading of home appliances, relying on the user's life scenes and business scenarios, creating artificial intelligence solutions for home appliances is a general trend, and will also be more in line with artificial intelligence and things. Internet age features.