Self-service Machine

- Dec 30, 2018-

The expansion of passenger traffic carried by the high-speed rail station also means that the series of self-service kiosks of the high-speed railway station will face the processing demand of more concentrated mass data, and there are also a large number of intelligent technologies to enable self-service processes. The upgrade and concentration of functions also requires continuous information exchange, information judgment, and result output with multiple external systems. Therefore, there are a lot of optimization space in the two major levels of quality and performance upgrade.

First of all, industrial tablet computer as a window of human-computer interaction, its resolution, touch sensitivity, user interface requirements to receive and reflect the speed of processing, energy consumption, internal integration, etc. can directly affect the data And the efficiency and accuracy of information processing.

Secondly, in performance optimization, performance upgrades such as voice recognition input and face recognition identity authentication in a new scenario also require optimization of the hardware product solution itself. The North China Industrial Control Speech Recognition hardware solution has ultra-low power consumption and continuous stability for voice recognition application scenarios, which is in line with the most advanced requirements and future development trends of the current multi-functional speech recognition scene.