Smart Express Cabinet Advantage

- Jan 08, 2019-

For users: safe and reliable, intelligent express mail storage; 24-hour self-service, pick-up at any time, increase the efficiency of life; simple and easy to use self-service experience; effectively protect the privacy of residents and improve the quality of life.

For couriers: no need to wait, reduce unnecessary communication costs; delivery time is short, an average of one minute to cast a piece to avoid climbing stairs, not to go upstairs without losing pieces; centralized delivery, reducing the second delivery rate.

Property management of the community: save the site, reliable, quiet and tidy; avoid losing pieces, reduce disputes of owners; reduce accumulation, improve service quality; improve the level of intelligent community.

For the courier company: centralized management in the background, centralized delivery, express delivery efficiency is significantly improved; improve the explosion, labor costs, recruitment of couriers difficult; improve profitability.