Smart Home Technology:

- Oct 10, 2019-

Connection technology: mainly wi-fi, bluetooth, zigbee and some other wireless connection and wired connection technology.

Architecture: directly connect the cloud platform and the centralized host platform, directly connect the cloud platform is the home appliances directly connect the cloud platform, centralized host type will have a host box and the home smart home to connect, the box to connect the cloud platform.

Cloud platform: now the domestic smart home cloud platform has been very much, have a plenty of proprietary smart home cloud platform, have a plenty of all-inclusive cloud platform, smart home is only one of the functions. These cloud platforms are largely incompatible. If the device chooses a cloud platform, the cost of changing platforms is very large. At the end of 2017, China household appliances association "intelligent appliances cloud interconnection standards" released, but do not know how much impact on the industry, hope to be able to unify the agreement of the cloud platform, otherwise smart home is still an island of information.