The Importance Of Face Recognition Technology

- Nov 22, 2018-

High accuracy, offline work: The world's leading algorithm, completely solve the problem of cross-age issues, small picture recognition, without the need to connect to the public security access documents, can also 100% identification of the authenticity of the documents, whether or not.

Blacklist warning, access control: the first blacklist warning, whitelist automatic identification to open the door, effectively protect the personal safety of customers.

Hierarchical management, face query: Because the collected data is small, the storage has no pressure, and the front-end, terminal, and platform three-level storage are adopted, which facilitates quick query and data backup afterwards. When the secondary business is handled, it can be quickly identified.

Quick recognition, voice prompt: original face recognition algorithm, the fastest 0.2 seconds to determine whether or not, combined with multiple recognition modes to meet the needs of different scenarios. It can be combined with additional voice announcements to make the recognizer easy to operate and pass quickly.

Visible light, multi-person recognition: Based on deep learning, visible light face recognition technology, the environment requirements are not high, to meet a variety of light conditions, in line with human eye habits, and can identify more than 10 people.

System networking, data analysis: mature product system-level application solutions, so that each identification device is a data collection terminal, providing effective data for big data analysis, event warning, and accident prevention.