Three Categories Of Smart Home

- Jan 08, 2019-

The first is a smart home system based on intelligent terminal products and supplemented by interactive platforms.

Smart home systems include: host gateway, smart lighting, security alarm, home appliance control, curtain windows, smart door locks, home theater, background music, scene control, environmental control, health and safety, video surveillance, repeaters, protocol converters, Video intercom, intelligent modules and other classifications.

This type of representative is a traditional large household appliance company. Open systems and services through hardware products. At the same time, it has an open platform for smart life, and it is customized for delivery with big data.

Secondly, companies that are good at using routers and mobile phones to build a smart home ecosystem are mostly mobile hardware manufacturers.

Smart items include: health monitoring, camera, children's smart products, smart products for the elderly, alarm security, smart boxes, smart lights, irrigation feeds, audio and video entertainment, creative smart products, smart locks, smart bracelets, etc.

Users can achieve intelligentization by controlling individual products through mobile APP or voice. Smart items are the most acceptable smart home products for users.


Finally, focusing on the intelligent interactive platform, open the smart home entrance, relying on a certain product linkage, most of the existing home appliance brands support the automatic adaptation and networking of all intelligent products through the open protocol IoTConnect of the intelligent network. Instead of building a smart product ecosystem for a brand, it provides a smart home portal for development.