Touch Screen LCD Computer Solution

- Dec 28, 2018-

1. It adopts liquid crystal LED display screen and adopts ten-point capacitive touch screen to reflect high sensitivity and excellent human-computer interaction convenience.

2. Ultra-high resolution, integrated network card and sound card, support VGA + DVI display output, support dual independent dual display.

3. With a rich external interface, strong external compatibility, perfect docking of external systems, information input and output,

4. Adopt fanless design, energy saving and environmental protection, low energy consumption, low standby power consumption, stable operation for a long time, excellent industrial grade, and strong adaptability to the external environment.

  The new model of mass marketing advertising, which was born in the digital age, also puts new requirements and new standards on the basic hardware industry computer industry. A large number of video, audio, and image processing requirements require the basic intelligent hardware vendors to empower their own fields, giving the product more additional performance, perfectly integrating industrial-grade performance and the latest technology.