Wifi Modules Are Mainly Classified

- Sep 28, 2019-

Wi-fi module can be divided into three categories: 1. Universal wi-fi module, such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet

The USB or SDIO interface module, wi-fi protocol stack and driver in the brain run in the android, Windows and IOS systems, which need a very powerful CPU to complete the application. 2. Wi-fi module of router scheme, typically home router, protocol and driver are supported by a chip with powerful Flash and Ram resources and Linux operating system; 3, embedded wi-fi module, 32-bit microcontroller, built-in wi-fi driver and protocol, interface for the general MCU interface such as UART. Suitable for all kinds of smart home or smart hardware single article.

Now many manufacturers have tried to add wi-fi module into TV, air conditioner and other equipment to build wireless home smart system. It realizes the control of APP and the connection with the cloud of ali cloud, jd cloud, baidu cloud and other Internet giants, so that the home appliance manufacturers can quickly and conveniently realize the networked intelligence of their products and realize the interconnection with more other appliances