7inch LCD 1024*600 High Display Capacitive Touch Panel Am335X Imx6 Sbc Board Beagleboneblack

7inch LCD 1024*600 High Display Capacitive Touch Panel Am335X Imx6 Sbc Board Beagleboneblack

Model: MY-IMX6-CB314-6U6A
NXP® i.MX6Dualite
ARM Cortex-A9
1GB DDR3 (64 Bit), up to 2G
4G EMMC, up to 64G
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We attach great importance to the accumulation and progress of technology, and continue to innovate Imx6 Development Board, I.MX6UL Motherboard, Atmel Development Board that adapt to the development of the times. We are constantly pushing forward the development of relevant applications and continuously developing forward-looking products and application technologies. We will establish the industry with sincerity, build people with virtue, regard customer success as the foundation of our enterprise development and join hands with strategic partners to create a new era. We take continuous improvement as the driving force, and pursue high quality and efficient service. Our main objectives are to provide our customers worldwide with good quality, competitive price, satisfied delivery and excellent services.

Model: MY-IMX6-CB314-6U6A

NXP® i.MX6Dualite

ARM Cortex-A9

1GB DDR3 (64 Bit), up to 2G

4G EMMC, up to 64G

Automotive grade

-40°C to 105°C Temp

Memory can be custom-made


DDR: 2x 32 LP-DDR2, 1x 64 DDR3/LV-DDR3




1x Host+PHY

2x Host USB HSIC

Ethernet 10/100M, 100/1000M

Expansion Ports

3x SD/MMC4.4, 1x SDXC

5x SPI, 5x UART, 3x I2C


PCIe 2.0(1 lane) +EIM bus

Display 2x4XGA(2048x1536) or


Advanced power management

Leads all the features of I.MX6

OS Support

Linux 3.0.35/Linux 3.14.52/Linux-4.1.15, Android4.4.2/Android5.1, QT4.8.5/QT5, Ubuntu12.04/Ubuntu16.04

MY-IMX6-CB314 parameter

hardware configuration

Hardware interface

Display moduleHDMI1 way1.4 port
LVDS2 way8bit model up to 165 Mpixels/s
RGB1 way24bit model
(rowspan=2|camera)CSI1 way8bit model
Mipi1 way2 Lanes
Ethernet cameraRGMII1 way1000M
AudioI2S/SSI/AC971 wayup to 1.4 Mbps
PCI ExpressPCI Express1 wayGen 2.0
StorageSD/MMC卡2 way4/8bit
SATA1 waySATA II, 3.0 Gbps
USBUSBOTG1 way480M high speed
USBHOST1 way480M high speed
CSPICSPI2 wayhigh speed
UARTUART5up to 4.0 Mbps
CANCAN2 way1 Mbps each
PWMPWM1 wayconfiguration of 4 way is optional
I2CI2C3 waysupporting 400 kbps
IO expansionmultiple way21 wayIt can be configured without pin
WatchdogWatchdog1 wayWatchdog hardware
BusEIM1 way16 bit bus expansion
DebugJTAG1 wayJTAG debugging

Application Area


Embedded computers play an important role in aviation applications. They exist in a variety of airborne sensors and instruments. In some commercial areas, it also provides on-board entertainment and information services. MY-I.MX6 core modules are portable and compact, and system critical data is stored in non-volatile flash memory. Ensures that the system is almost impossible to fail. High performance, coupled with a wide variety of input and output capabilities. Our customers can use the MY-I.MX6 core module to achieve a variety of applications in and around the aircraft cabin, such as: airborne computers, instrumentation, collision detection, automatic emergency landing system. Video transmission, radar, cockpit control and entertainment information systems

Laboratory equipment

From mass spectrometers to electronic scales. MY-I.MX6 core modules can be widely used in scientific laboratory instrumentation products of market leaders in their respective fields. Depending on the functionality, processing power, and interfaces you need for the device you are designing. Or the amount of memory may be an important feature of the modular product you choose. Do you need to output to a particular type of display or do the product receive data from different types of sensors? For each of these modules, you need to select a different feature. You may need a touch screen interface, a camera interface for USB hosts and clients, and multiple SD card interfaces. Internal solid state storage, etc. Please contact us, we will tell you which modules best meet your requirements.

Automotive & entertainment

MY-I.MX6 core modules can be widely used in the automotive field, such as fleet management, automotive rally car engine diagnosis, information entertainment

system and passenger information management, thanks to industrial temperature range. With anti-vibration hardware design, amazing video and 3D graphics processing capabilities, extremely high video output resolution, CAN interface. Achieve the full range of computer modules that appeal to all applications, whether you are producing high-end private cars or having to track and manage commercial fleets. The MY-I.MX6 core modules produced by MYZR have a large number of application examples. Through these examples, you can find the right computer module products to meet the intended use.

With the rapid growth of Internet users' needs and the popularization and application of mobile Internet, we can feel the changes by the Internet. Network from the very beginning of the computer to the phone, pad, TV, it can be said that this is a way of thinking changes. So what is the next piece of Internet screen? Actually no doubt, the car.

Car networking, or Internet car has become the hottest label in the industry, BAT into the car network, many Internet companies and aftermarket companies have followed the car screen this place. Mercedes-Benz COMAND, Volvo SENSUS and so on, of course, Tesla. These car-based navigation system features a variety of, and can achieve the intelligent interconnection of vehicles and mobile devices. The car screen is bigger and bigger, since Tesla's exaggerated 17-inch intelligent control has been launched, it seems to see the big screen era. Whether it's a one-piece center console or an oversized car screen.

Faced with the opportunities and challenges by car networking and smart cars, MYZR technology to meet the changing needs of the multi-level market, we perennial devoted to research the technology, continuous innovation, for the car intelligent terminal configuration A9 quad-core iMX6Q processor , 2G DDR3 memory 64GB EMMC storage (multiple choice), and another 2MB SPI NorFlash. Enables robust data throughput, as well as extreme arithmetic in various integer and floating-point formats. Support for all Netcom 4G module, GPS module, WIFI Bluetooth module, SATA interface, CAN bus, Gigabit Ethernet, I2C extended 3-axis gravity, electronic compass and other sensors, CMOS camera extension, 4 analog camera to PCIE, etc., rich interface as well as the depth of custom android4.4 operating system to meet the various needs of the automotive industry expansion. The MY-I.MX6 core boards are used in a wide range of automotive applications such as fleet management, automotive rally car engine diagnostics, infotainment systems and passenger information management, it meet the design for industrial temperature ranges. Amazing video and 3D graphics capabilities, high video output resolution, CAN interface, a full range of computer modules to achieve the attractiveness of various applications. Whether you are producing high-end private cars or managing commercial fleets, MY-I.MX6 core boards manufactured by MYZR have a large number of application examples. Through these examples, can help you find the right computer module products to meet the intended use.

Research and development and manufacture of high-quality 7inch LCD 1024*600 High Display Capacitive Touch Panel Am335X Imx6 Sbc Board Beagleboneblack is our work, the creation and operation of the first brand is our goal, sincerely win customers with high-quality products and excellent service to expand product sales is our goal. Our company is your good friend, every product embodies our wish. We will wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to contact us. We are willing to work together with our colleagues to create a win-win situation.
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