Auto Diagnostic Tool Iprog+ PRO Programmer Support IMMO Airbag Reset Till Year 2019 Replace Carprog Digiprog III Tango

Auto Diagnostic Tool Iprog+ PRO Programmer Support IMMO Airbag Reset Till Year 2019 Replace Carprog Digiprog III Tango

Model: MY-IMX6-CB200-6U7C
CPU: i.MX6Dualite
Memory: DDR3 1GB, up to 2GB
Storage: SPI NorFlash/4GB EMMC, Up to 64 GB EMMC
Power supply: 5V
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Excellent quality and reasonable price are our main advantages, which make our Arm A9, Imx6 Solo, WM8962 Audio Module better for receiving accolades around the world. Since the establishment of the company, we have always advocated the business philosophy of 'honest management and credit guarantee', so that every customer who cooperates with us can work at ease and have no worries. We insist on original design, aiming to provide users with all-round choices, and also enrich product resources for cooperative customers. On the road of future development, we will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of 'pursuing excellence and sincere service', adhere to the working philosophy of 'down-to-earth, pioneering and innovative, striving for first-class', and work hard to provide customers with a full range of quality services. In today's fierce market competition, the company always believes that the public demand, product quality and fast service are the basic conditions for the survival of enterprises, and the humanized products and services have always made us in the forefront of the industry.

Model: MY-IMX6-CB200-6U7C

CPU: i.MX6Dualite

Memory: DDR3 1GB, up to 2GB

Storage: SPI NorFlash/4GB EMMC, Up to 64 GB EMMC

Power supply: 5V

Size: 40mm x 68mm

Working Temperature:

Industrial grade(-40°C to 85°C ), up to 1.2 GHz

Main Features:

4x ARM Cortex-A9 up to 1GHz per core at work

200 Mtri/s 1000Mpxl/s, OpenGL ES 2.0&Halti, CL EP

1MB L2cache

GPU 2D(Vector Graphics)

32KB instruction and data cache

Vivante GC355 300Mpxl/s, Open VG1.1

NEON SIMDmedia accelerator

GPU 2D(Composition)


Vivante GC320 600Mpxl/s, BLIT

Vivante GC2000

Video Decode:1080p 60h.264

Hardware BCH(up to 20 corrections)

Video Encode:1080p30H. 264BP 2x720p encode

Camera Interface

Types: 1x 20-bit parallel, MIPI-CSI-2(2 lanes), three simultaneous inputs

OS Support:

Linux 3.0.35/Linux 3.14.52/Linux-4.1.15, Android4.4.2/Android5.1, QT4.8.5/QT5, Ubuntu12.04/Ubuntu16.04

Instruction of detailed function of pins

PinCPU Ball NamePin Namefunction selectionmodule affiliatedfunction descriptionvoltage
power supplydigitally0V

Application Area:


Harsh anti vibration and can operate in industrial temperature range, has been the ship equipment used to select computer module prerequisites for our products by customers. The module is integrated into the sonar system, fleet management, communication unit and marine diesel engine controller. MY-I.MX6 core module also can meet the most stringent requirements of marine certification agency.


Embedded computers play an important role in aviation applications. They exist in a variety of airborne sensors and instruments. In some commercial areas, it also provides on-board entertainment and information services. MY-I.MX6 core modules are portable and compact, and system critical data is stored in non-volatile flash memory. Ensures that the system is almost impossible to fail. High performance, coupled with a wide variety of input and output capabilities. Our customers can use the MY-I.MX6 core module to achieve a variety of applications in and around the aircraft cabin, such as: airborne computers, instrumentation, collision detection, automatic emergency landing system. Video transmission, radar, cockpit control and entertainment information systems

Access & Security Control

Millions of people a day use security systems and access control devices. These products feature miniature sizes, low power consumption and connections to many different video input systems, making them an ideal platform for such devices. Biometric devices, such as video surveillance systems, fingerprints and iris scanners, are used in parking lots or in and out of gate control equipment. MY-I.MX6 core modules have image sensor interfaces. Wireless connection solution and interface to many peripherals. High performance, low power consumption and processor without fan design, no strict temperature control extreme operating temperature. It can be a reliable solution in the areas of banking and commercial activity organizers, customs, police and military alert.

Matters needing attention:

1. Please do not plug the core board and peripheral modules!

2. Please follow all warning and guidance information marked on the product.

3. Please keep this product dry. If you are accidentally spattered or soaked by any

liquid, please immediately shut off the power and fully dry.

4. Please pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of this product in order to avoid the damage of components caused by excessive temperature.

5. Do not use or store this product in dusty, messy environment.

6. Please do not apply this product in alternate cold and heat environment to avoid condensation damage components.

7. Do not be rude to this product, falling, knocking or shaking can damage the circuit and components.

8. Do not use organic solvents or corrosive liquids to clean this product.

9. Please do not repair, remove our products, if the product failure, please contact our company for maintenance.

10. Please modify or use unauthorized accessories for possible damage to this product without warranty.

We have won the recognition of our customers by virtue of the advantages of high quality and low price, timely delivery, and thoughtful after-sales service, and our Auto Diagnostic Tool Iprog+ PRO Programmer Support IMMO Airbag Reset Till Year 2019 Replace Carprog Digiprog III Tango are exported to various countries and regions in the world. The management policy of our company is the firm determination to achieve our goals and the perseverance to be ethical at all times. Through our products and knowledge, we continue to overcome the challenges you face in the same place.
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