USB 3.0 Development Board Multilayer PCB 1.6mm Enig Differential Impedance Control 90ohm

USB 3.0 Development Board Multilayer PCB 1.6mm Enig Differential Impedance Control 90ohm

Model: MY-IMX6-EK314
Core board: MY-IMX6-CB314 one unit
Base board: MY-IMX6-MB314 one unit
Circuit board of screen panel, one unit
Crystal liquid screen, one piece
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Relying on science and technology for development and continuously providing customers with satisfactory high-tech Embedded Board, NXP Freescale, I.mx28 is our constant pursuit. You are most welcome to come to China, to our city and to our factory! We are adhering to the business philosophy of 'realistic innovation, quality model' and uphold the principle of making every detail good to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation. Over the years, our company has won the favor of the majority of companies with its cost-effective products and high-quality after-sales service, enabling our products to go abroad and be accepted by more countries.


EK314 Development board consist of following components:

· Core board: MY-IMX6-CB314 one unit

· Base board: MY-IMX6-MB314 one unit

· Circuit board of screen panel, one unit

· Crystal liquid screen, one piece

· Touch screen, one unit

EK314 Development board accessory

· adaptor, one unit

· USB download cable, one piece

· internet cable, one piece

· serial line, one piece

EK314 Front View


EK314 Rear View


Icon module

IconInterface descriptionSilkIconInterface descriptionSilk
12bit dial switchSW123RMIIP1
2Keystroke-volume downSW224USB expansionJ2
3Keystroke-volume upSW325RTCU8
4Keystroke-wake upSW426MIPI-DSIU1
5Keystroke-resetSW527DSI Backlight power supplyJ1
6LVDS0J2028Power switchJ3
7RGBJ21295V power inputJ4
9I2C bus expansionJ23313G&miniPCIEJ8
10LVDS1 expansionJ2432JTAGU11
11GPS antennaE2333G-SIM cardCON1
12Debug serial portP334GPIO expansionU14
13Earphone outputJ1635SPI expansionJ13
14Earphone inputJ1436CAN2J15
16232serial port-UART4P238CSIJ19
17485J1139SD cardJ25
18RGMIIU1240PCIE expansionJ26
19SATA IIJ941WIFI moduleU24
20SATA powerJ1042GPS moduleU27
21MIPI-CSIJ743EIM bus expansionJ27

MY-IMX6-MB314 interface

GraphicInterface descriptionSilk screen GraphicInterface descriptionSilk screen
12 bit dial switchSW123RMIIP1
2Key- volume reductionSW224USB expansionJ2
3Key- volume reductionSW325RTCU8
4Key-wake upSW426MIPI-DSIU1
6LVDS0J2028Power switchJ3
7RGBJ21295V power inputJ4
9I2C bus expansionJ23313G&miniPCIEJ8
10LVDS1 expansionJ2432JTAGU11
11GPS antennaE2333G-SIM cardCON1
12debug serial portP334GPIO expansionU14
13Headphone outputJ1635SPI expansionJ13
15TTL expansionJ1237CAN1J17
16232 serial port-UART4P238CSIJ19
17485J1139SD cardJ25
18RGMIIU1240PCIE expansionJ26
19SATA IIJ941WIFI moduleU24
20SATA powerJ1042GPS moduleU27
21MIPI-CSIJ743EIM bus expansionJ27

Application Area

Robot and Industrial automation

Linux systems with hard real-time functions are integrated with industrial interfaces such as CAN and RS485. MY-I.MX6 module is an ideal solution for robot and industrial automation applications. It can be implemented more quickly and flexibly on Linux. Or using a variety of available GPIOs, connect to your visual system via a camera interface, or safely back up the data in the process through the Ethernet cloud. Whatever your application is, We are pleased to provide product consulting services when you select the appropriate MY-I.MX6 computer module.

Laboratory equipment

From mass spectrometers to electronic scales. MY-I.MX6 core modules can be widely used in scientific laboratory instrumentation products of market leaders in their respective fields. Depending on the functionality, processing power, and interfaces you need for the device you are designing. Or the amount of memory may be an important feature of the modular product you choose. Do you need to output to a particular type of display or do the product receive data from different types of sensors? For each of these modules, you need to select a different feature. You may need a touch screen interface, a camera interface for USB hosts and clients, and multiple SD card interfaces. Internal solid state storage, etc. Please contact us, we will tell you which modules best meet your requirements.


Embedded computers play an important role in aviation applications. They exist in a variety of airborne sensors and instruments. In some commercial areas, it also provides on-board entertainment and information services. MY-I.MX6 core modules are portable and compact, and system critical data is stored in non-volatile flash memory. Ensures that the system is almost impossible to fail. High performance, coupled with a wide variety of input and output capabilities. Our customers can use the MY-I.MX6 core module to achieve a variety of applications in and around the aircraft cabin, such as: airborne computers, instrumentation, collision detection, automatic emergency landing system. Video transmission, radar, cockpit control and entertainment information systems

Access & Security Control

Millions of people a day use security systems and access control devices. These products feature miniature sizes, low power consumption and connections to many different video input systems, making them an ideal platform for such devices. Biometric devices, such as video surveillance systems, fingerprints and iris scanners, are used in parking lots or in and out of gate control equipment. MY-I.MX6 core modules have image sensor interfaces. Wireless connection solution and interface to many peripherals. High performance, low power consumption and processor without fan design, no strict temperature control extreme operating temperature. It can be a reliable solution in the areas of banking and commercial activity organizers, customs, police and military alert. 

Our company mainly operates USB 3.0 Development Board Multilayer PCB 1.6mm Enig Differential Impedance Control 90ohm and other business sectors, with comprehensive product series, reliable quality, and excellent performance, achieving core technological breakthroughs and possessing core component manufacturing capabilities. We actively promote a modern enterprise management model, strictly control product quality in production, and try our best to meet customer needs in terms of after-sales service. With sincerity and enthusiasm, we wholeheartedly welcome friends from home and abroad to patronize. Hope we can create a better future together.
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