USB to RS232 Converter by Prolific Pl2303ta/Ftdi Chipset Cable

USB to RS232 Converter by Prolific Pl2303ta/Ftdi Chipset Cable

Model: MY-IMX6-EK336
Cortex-A9 Quad core
Memory 1GB
Liunx system
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Product Details

Our products are exported for Core Module, Imx6 Processor, System Module. On the road of future development, our company will continue to increase investment and technology introduction. Through our respective businesses, we give full play to our respective capabilities to create high-value products and services that exceed customer expectations.


· Cortex-A9 Quad core

· 1GB MHz

· Memory 1GB 

· Liunx system

· Audroid system


· BGAEncapsulation gold finger Technology

· Lead out all I.MX6 interfaces,LPDDR2

· Independent power management, SPI booting is more reliable

· 40*41mm,BGA connection,to meet the needs of military industry such    as aerospace

· 12 layer laser blind burying process with shield

· to meet the various testing requirements of  EMC, EMI

· Compatible with multiple configurations, supporting up to 2 GB of memory, up to 64 GB of EMMC

MY-IMX6-EK336 Front View


MY-IMX6-EK336 rear view


MY-IMX6-MB314 interface

Graphic Interface description Silk screen  Graphic Interface description Silk screen
12 bit dial switchSW123RMIIP1
2Key- volume reductionSW224USB expansionJ2
3Key- volume reductionSW325RTCU8
4Key-wake upSW426MIPI-DSIU1
6LVDS0J2028Power switchJ3
7RGBJ21295V power inputJ4
9I2C bus expansionJ23313G&miniPCIEJ8
10LVDS1 expansionJ2432JTAGU11
11GPS antennaE2333G-SIM cardCON1
12debug serial portP334GPIO expansionU14
13Headphone outputJ1635SPI expansionJ13
15TTL expansionJ1237CAN1J17
16232 serial port-UART4P238CSIJ19
17485J1139SD cardJ25
18RGMIIU1240PCIE expansionJ26
19SATA IIJ941WIFI moduleU24
20SATA powerJ1042GPS moduleU27
21MIPI-CSIJ743EIM bus expansionJ27

Application Area

Energy & Power

The power plant: whether they run on renewable energy, nuclear or fossil fuels require reliable process monitoring, control and instrumentation. Core modules have been successfully applied in this field, and receive many certifications from our customers . Applications include: data recorder, smart meter, management system, intelligent sensor, remote monitoring and communication interface. Our core module has reliable operation in each of the last 365 days and extreme environmental condition. Please contact us and we can provide solutions for you according to your special requirements.


Embedded computers play an important role in aviation applications. They exist in a variety of airborne sensors and instruments. In some commercial areas, it also provides on-board entertainment and information services. MY-I.MX6 core modules are portable and compact, and system critical data is stored in non-volatile flash memory. Ensures that the system is almost impossible to fail. High performance, coupled with a wide variety of input and output capabilities. Our customers can use the MY-I.MX6 core module to achieve a variety of applications in and around the aircraft cabin, such as: airborne computers, instrumentation, collision detection, automatic emergency landing system. Video transmission, radar, cockpit control and entertainment information systems

Automotive & entertainment

MY-I.MX6 core modules can be widely used in the automotive field, such as fleet management, automotive rally car engine diagnosis, information entertainment

system and passenger information management, thanks to industrial temperature range. With anti-vibration hardware design, amazing video and 3D graphics processing capabilities, extremely high video output resolution, CAN interface. Achieve the full range of computer modules that appeal to all applications, whether you are producing high-end private cars or having to track and manage commercial fleets. The MY-I.MX6 core modules produced by MYZR have a large number of application examples. Through these examples, you can find the right computer module products to meet the intended use. 

Logistics transportation

Every day countless people take bus, subway, train, tramway or taxi, which can be implemented in such international cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. These can be realized by the core module of MY - I.MX6. In ambulances, police, trucks and even the instrument panel of the waste disposal system and the mobile fleet management system, also can use our computer module.

Environmental monitoring

Although the MY-I.MX6 core module is powerful in computing, it has very low energy consumption and no fan applications. They are perfect solution for handheld devices,  low maintenance remote systems or smart sensors. Various sensor input channels, coupled with the advantages of easy connectivity to common networks and low power consumption. Make MYZR series module as the best choice for outdoor environmental monitoring applications, such as tsunami warning system. This module is for many interfaces, such as I2CU SPI. RS232 and others provide convenient connections. 

Matters needing attention

1.Please do not plug the core board and peripheral modules! 

2.Please follow all warning and guidance information marked on the product.

3.Please keep this product dry. If you are accidentally spattered or soaked by any 

liquid, please immediately shut off the power and fully dry.

4.Please pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of this product in order to avoid the damage of components caused by excessive temperature.

5.Do not use or store this product in dusty, messy environment.

6.Please do not apply this product in alternate cold and heat environment to avoid condensation damage components.

7.Do not be rude to this product, falling, knocking or shaking can damage the circuit and components.

8.Do not use organic solvents or corrosive liquids to clean this product.

9.Please do not repair, remove our products, if the product failure, please contact our company for maintenance.

10.Please modify or use unauthorized accessories for possible damage to this product without warranty.

Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously developing economic and social needs for USB to RS232 Converter by Prolific Pl2303ta/Ftdi Chipset Cable. In the past few years, our company absorbed and digested advanced technologies both at home and abroad. Welcome to go to our manufacturing unit and welcome your get!
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