Vented Embedded Powder Coated Steel Wood Burning Firplace Used for Interior Decoration and Home Heating

Vented Embedded Powder Coated Steel Wood Burning Firplace Used for Interior Decoration and Home Heating

Model: MY-IMX6-CB314-6Q6A
CPU: i.MX6Quad core
Memory: DDR3 1GB, up to 2GB
Storage: SPI NorFlash/4GB EMMC, Up to 64GB EMMC
Power Supply: 5V
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Product Details

Since establishment, we have become the leader of I.mx6 Development Board, Arm Cortex, Core Module industry in China through constant pursuit of perfection, professional management team, most competitive price and excellent service. Honesty is the life of an enterprise, and customers' needs are the foundation of our business! We are committed to realizing the great vision of green development and guarding the green mountains and common earth home. We are attentive to the diversity of products, and continue to innovate in the development of products to meet the needs of different customers. The company adheres to the corporate mission of "revitalizing national industry" and always pursues the spirit of development and innovation.

Model: MY-IMX6-CB314-6Q6A

 CPU: i.MX6Quad core

 Memory: DDR3 1GB, up to 2GB

 Storage: SPI NorFlash/4GB EMMC, Up to 64GB EMMC

 Power Supply: 5V

 Size: 40mm x 80mm

 Temperature: Automotive grade(-40°C..105°C ), up to 1GHz; 

Main Features

 4x ARM Cortex-A9 up to 1 GHz per core at work

 200Mtri/s 1000Mpxl/s

 OpenGL ES 2.0$Halti, CL EP

 1MB L2 cache

 GPU 2D(Vector Graphics)

 32KB instruction and data caches

 Vivante GC355 300Mpxl/s, OpenVG1.1

 NEON SIMD media accelerator

 GPU 2D(Composition)


 Vivante GC320 600Mpxl/s, BLIT

 Vivante GC2000

 Video Decode 1080p 60h.264

 Hardware BCH(up to 20 corrections)

 Camera Interface

 Types: 1x 20-bit parallel, MIPI-CSI-2(2 lanes), three Simultaneous inputs

OS Support

 Linux 3.0.35/Linux 3.14.52/Linux-4.1.15, Android4.4.2/Android5.1, QT4.8.5/QT5, Ubuntu12.04/Ubuntu16.04

MY-IMX6-CB314 parameter

hardware configuration

Hardware interface

Display moduleHDMI1 way1.4 port
LVDS2 way8bit model up to 165 Mpixels/s
RGB1 way24bit model
(rowspan=2|camera)CSI1 way8bit model
Mipi1 way2 Lanes
Ethernet cameraRGMII1 way1000M
AudioI2S/SSI/AC971 wayup to 1.4 Mbps
PCI ExpressPCI Express1 wayGen 2.0
StorageSD/MMC卡2 way4/8bit
SATA1 waySATA II, 3.0 Gbps
USBUSBOTG1 way480M high speed
USBHOST1 way480M high speed
CSPICSPI2 wayhigh speed
UARTUART5up to 4.0 Mbps
CANCAN2 way1 Mbps each
PWMPWM1 wayconfiguration of 4 way is optional
I2CI2C3 waysupporting 400 kbps
IO expansionmultiple way21 wayIt can be configured without pin
WatchdogWatchdog1 wayWatchdog hardware
BusEIM1 way16 bit bus expansion 
DebugJTAG1 wayJTAG debugging

Defaulted display selection


LVDS0 7寸 TFT crystal liquid display(24bit LVDS port)

resolution 1024X600@60Hz

white backlight

capacitor touch


LVDS1 7-inch TFT crystal liquid display(24bit LVDS port)

resolution 1024X600@60Hz

white backlight

capacitor touch


7-inch TFT crystal liquid display(24bit RGB port)

resolution 800X480@60Hz

white backlight

capacitor touch


HDMI-output (24bit HDMI port)

1920X1080@60Hz compatible 16/18/24bpp

Application Area

Laboratory equipment

From mass spectrometers to electronic scales. MY-I.MX6 core modules can be widely used in scientific laboratory instrumentation products of market leaders in their respective fields. Depending on the functionality, processing power, and interfaces you need for the device you are designing. Or the amount of memory may be an important feature of the modular product you choose. Do you need to output to a particular type of display or do the product receive data from different types of sensors? For each of these modules, you need to select a different feature. You may need a touch screen interface, a camera interface for USB hosts and clients, and multiple SD card interfaces. Internal solid state storage, etc. Please contact us, we will tell you which modules best meet your requirements.

Digital signage & entertainment

Whether it's the airport. Railway station or shopping mall and city center-. Digital signs display information that can display different content depending on time and individual needs. Some digital signs can interact with visitors via touch screens or other input devices. Given that other systems may need to update synchronously and display simultaneously on a wide range of screens, there will be great demand for digital signs to display graphics in the future, or you just want to display text information. Our MY-I.MX6 core module cost and optimal power consumption provide amazing multi-screen video and graphics processing capabilities as well as a wide range of connectivity capabilities. Including fast ethernet. Please contact us to find the most suitable computer module for your needs.

Medical & Health care

From hospital monitoring to home care, embedded computers are widely used in the field of medical devices. Do you want to get complex results from graphics that are easy to understand on the screen? Or, you need to compute the data from a variety of sensors. Either way, the MY-I.MX6 core module is designed and manufactured according to the principle of maximum reliability. Many of our industry-leading customers have successfully obtained 3C and CE products certification.

Our Advantages

  •  Our products modular, serialized, ideal for customers to quickly develop products and upgrade products.

  •  Our team has many years of I.MX series of development experience, mastering the I.MX series of development processes.

  •  We can perfectly capture the needs of our customers and perfect the common and feature functions of the I.MX series, so our board is very suitable for customer product development, rather than just evaluation.

  •  We give full consideration to the needs of various customers in the material selection,  to ensure that at least every material to meet commercial grade, industrial grade, automotive grade three levels of customers. 

  •  Our products are designed to take full consideration of the EMC characteristics, even if the core board is unable to meet the EMC, we must also know how to avoid the EMC problem when designing the carrier board, our products meet the requirements of FCC and CE certification.

  •  In order to meet the needs of domestic clients and internation clients, we have Chinese & English manuals.

We will state with absolute certainty that for such excellent at such charges we are the lowest around for Vented Embedded Powder Coated Steel Wood Burning Firplace Used for Interior Decoration and Home Heating. We take responsibility serious, focus on the product itself, and always adhere to one brand and one standard to serve the market. Our company takes improving the operation efficiency of our company and the quality of production managers as its own responsibility.
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