Imx6 Solo

Model: MY-IMX6-CB200-6S6A
NXP® i.MX6 Solo
ARM Cortex-A9
512MB DDR3 (64 Bit), up to 1G
4G EMMC, up to 64G

Product Details

Model: MY-IMX6-CB200-6S6A

NXP® i.MX6 Solo

ARM Cortex-A9

512MB DDR3 (64 Bit), up to 1G

4G EMMC, up to 64G

Automotive grade

-40°C to 105°C Temp

Memory can be custom-made

Main Features:

4x ARM Cortex-A9 up to 1GHz per core at work

200 Mtri/s 1000Mpxl/s, OpenGL ES 2.0&Halti, CL EP

1MB L2cache

GPU 2D(Vector Graphics)

32KB instruction and data cache

Vivante GC355 300Mpxl/s, Open VG1.1

NEON SIMDmedia accelerator

GPU 2D(Composition)


Vivante GC320 600Mpxl/s, BLIT

Vivante GC2000

Video Decode:1080p 60h.264

Hardware BCH(up to 20 corrections)

Video Encode:1080p30H. 264BP 2x720p encode

Camera Interface

Types: 1x 20-bit parallel, MIPI-CSI-2(2 lanes), three simultaneous inputs

OS Support:

Linux 3.0.35/Linux 3.14.52/Linux-4.1.15, Android4.4.2/Android5.1, QT4.8.5/QT5, Ubuntu12.04/Ubuntu16.04

Definition of pin


Application Area:

Robot and Industrial automation

Linux systems with hard real-time functions are integrated with industrial interfaces such as CAN and RS485. MY-I.MX6 module is an ideal solution for robot and industrial automation applications. It can be implemented more quickly and flexibly on Linux. Or using a variety of available GPIOs, connect to your visual system via a camera interface, or safely back up the data in the process through the Ethernet cloud. Whatever your application is, We are pleased to provide product consulting services when you select the appropriate MY-I.MX6 computer module.


Automatic robot control board

Logistics transportation

Every day countless people take bus , subway , train , tramway or taxi , which can be implemented in such international cities as Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , etc . These can be realized by the core module of MY - I . MX6 . In ambulances , police , trucks and even the instrument panel of the waste disposal system and the mobile fleet management system , also can use our computer module .

Retail & Ticketing

Electronic scale, bar code reader, inventory management system and cash register, core modules can also be used in the array of retail equipment

A large number of tickets are allocated and used in parking lots, toll roads and other places. Not only for the tickets, but also for collecting the appropriate fees at the same time of recycling, the commonly used water heaters and coffee machines in restaurants, catering facilities can help guests get their required

Automotive Intelligent Control

Faced with the opportunities and challenges by car networking and smart cars, MYZR technology to meet the changing needs of the multi-level market, we perennial devoted to research the technology, continuous innovation, for the car intelligent terminal configuration A9 quad-core iMX6Q processor , 2G DDR3 memory 64GB EMMC storage (multiple choice), and another 2MB SPI NorFlash. Enables robust data throughput, as well as extreme arithmetic in various integer and floating-point formats. Support for all Netcom 4G module, GPS module, WIFI Bluetooth module, SATA interface, CAN bus, Gigabit Ethernet, I2C extended 3-axis gravity, electronic compass and other sensors, CMOS camera extension, 4 analog camera to PCIE, etc., rich interface as well as the depth of custom android4.4 operating system to meet the various needs of the automotive industry expansion. The MY-I.MX6 core boards are used in a wide range of automotive applications such as fleet management, automotive rally car engine diagnostics, infotainment systems and passenger information management, it meet the design for industrial temperature ranges. Amazing video and 3D graphics capabilities, high video output resolution, CAN interface, a full range of computer modules to achieve the attractiveness of various applications. Whether you are producing high-end private cars or managing commercial fleets, MY-I.MX6 core boards manufactured by MYZR have a large number of application examples. Through these examples, can help you find the right computer module products to meet the intended use.